Medicinal properties

Why use saffron ?

Nicknamed "red gold", saffron is mostly known to make our dishes exquisite. However, this spice presents many unknown medicinal virtues as well.


To begin with, for a daily use, saffron has digestive and tonic properties, useful to combat exhaustion and overwork. If needed, it can be used as a painkiller against dental problems by massaging it on gums, menstrual and lower back pains, but also as a sedative to avoid insomnia.


More particularly, this spice is beneficial to reduce the symptoms of some diseases, without any side effects. For instance, saffron can be antidepressive, it is then useful in case of depression, stress, anxiety and emotional weakness. Furthermore, in the case of Alzheimer's disease, saffron enables the increase of cognitive abilities and autonomy. Finally, it is good for multiple sclerosis patients, thanks to its capacity to battle against neuroinflammation.


You should not however consume more than 60mg of saffron per day and this spice needs to be avoided by pregnant and nursing women. The recomanded dose is 30mg per day, which can be used as herbal tea, in syrup or in massage, alone or associated with other herbs.